Plant based diet; Natural plant Based Diet Guide to losing weight, Looking Great and Feeling Amazing; including recipes and 7 minute/day workout plan; … recipes, 7-minute-workout-plan, vegan)

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Are you always going on diets and finding it hard to stick with them? Do you have no time for going to the gym and working out? Do you feel bad in your own body?

Well worry no more, because in our book you will find the answers to all of these questions through a plant-based diet.

In this book, I tried to assist the basic questions that somebody who wishes to start diet would have, along with the benefits a plant-based diet carries, plus a workout plan to get you fit in small amounts of time. Your future self will be thankful.

What you will learn:

• What is a plant-based diet and what foods to avoid

• How to make changes in diet

• Why you should consider this diet

• What is it that makes you feel great

• How to get started with a plant-based diet

• Why thirty days are enough

• Plant-based recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner

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